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GSV Socially Mobile Weekly
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The GSV investing methodology revolves around a handful of the most dynamic and exciting themes—sectors and spaces where many of the world’s most disruptive, fast-growing companies compete.

GSV Socially Mobile Weekly follows and analyzes the indispensable,  intersecting worlds of social media and mobile technology. This weekly online magazine curates top stories as well as Venture Funding, Upcoming Events, related GSV Tweets, and more.

Some of GSV’s most significant positions are within the Social-Mobile arena.  If you share our passionate for this space, let GSV Socially Mobile Weekly help you stay on top of the key developments.

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The Global Silicon Valley Handbook

A fun, yet factual guide to thrive not only in Silicon Valley, but in the emerging Global Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley has become synonymous with big ideas, start-ups, and inventing the future. But today, the magic of Silicon Valley has gone viral and global. From Austin to Boston, from Shanghai to Dubai, a Global Silicon Valley is emerging.

Bestselling author, venture capitalist, and global thought leader Michael Moe maps out an insider’s guide to Silicon Valley and the hottest emerging markets from around the world. The book highlights need-to-knows, including who the top VCs and angel investors are, phrases to avoid in a pitch, or even where to close a deal over dinner or beers. Visually engaging, THE GLOBAL SILICON VALLEY HANDBOOK aspires to inspire the entrepreneur in all of us.

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