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GSV Financial Group, LLC
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GSV Financial Group, LLC (formerly Gentry Financial Group) consists of four principal businesses that operate primarily in two verticals: Capital Formation, and Capital Preservation and Appreciation.

Whether as a principal investor through GSV Ventures or as a financial advisor through GSV Securities, the capital formation business provides growth capital for “tomorrow’s stars.” GSV Equity is the manager of funds and special purpose vehicles (SPVs), overseeing and communicating performance of GSV Ventures fund offerings.

GSV Investment Advisors, the capital preservation and appreciation team, utilizes a sophisticated asset allocation approach coupled with highly analytical investment screening and selection criteria to help its institutional and private wealth clients achieve their financial goals.

GSV Financial Group is committed to providing a differentiated financial services platform for high net worth individuals, family offices, and institutions.  The company has offices in Chicago and Silicon Valley.

Securities offered through Harbor Light Securities, LLC. (Members FINRA and SIPC). Investment advisory services offered on a fee basis through GSV Investment Advisors LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

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